Chocolate Making - Modern Industrial Production Process of Chocolate

Advancements in modern processing technology and new recipes have hanged the principles of chocolate making. Here you can find out more about how chocolate is made and what ingredients are responsible for the structure and taste of chocolate.

Cacao for Chocolate

How Chocolate is Made?

Production and processing of cacao into chocolate went through many changes after Industrial Revolution enabled large-scale production of chocolate all across the world. Here you can find out how chocolate is made today.

Cocoa on Spoon

Ingredients of Chocolate

Ever since the chocolate first appeared, it managed to have a large influence on our culture. It was nutritious, hard to grow and process, can be stored for a long time, offered great medicinal help to our bodies, and changed the way we think about sweet food. But what is in its structure?

Picture - Cocoa Pods
Spoon of Cacao
Chocolate Melted
Chocolate Small Pieces