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History of Chocolate

History of chocolate is filled with interesting facts about its origins, ways it became part of several religions, rose to one of the most important trading commodities, and finally, best known sweet snack in the world. All that and more is just a part of a long history of chocolate.

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History of Chocolate in Europe

From the moment first Europeans came in contact with chocolate in Central America, they saw that this interesting food can be used in several ways. From that point on, chocolate started spreading across Europe, finally becoming one of the most accessible and most popular sweet snacks in the Europe. Find out how.

Timeline of Chocolate

Chocolate timeline flows through last 4 thousand years of our history, and its expansion from Central America to Europe managed to transform chocolate into the most popular sweet snack in the world. Find more about it journey through history here.

History of Chocolate Drinks

Many people don’t know that during the first 3500 years of its history, chocolate was only consumed in its liquid form. It was only after a long time that Europeans managed to create recipes that bind chocolate in its modern solid form. Learn more about hot and cold chocolate drinks here.