Different Types of Chocolate

Chocolate is made by mixing cocoa with fat (cocoa butter) and finely powdered sugar. Here are some of the many types that vary the quantities of the different ingredients:

  • Milk chocolate – The most popular chocolate is created by adding milk powder, liquid milk, or condensed milk. The minimum cocoa amount is 20%.
  • Baking (unsweetened, bitter, cooking) chocolate - The most potent form of chocolate, created by mixing pure chocolate liquor with a small amount of fat. After adding sugar, this chocolate
  • Dark (black) chocolate – Manufactured by adding fat and sugar to the basic chocolate recipe. Cocoa amount ranges between 70% and 99%.
  • Semisweet chocolate – Dark chocolate that has around 60-65% of cocoa in its mix.
  • Bittersweet chocolate – Chocolate with less than a third of the sugar, some vanilla, and lethicin.
  • Couverture (cocoa-rich) chocolate – These chocolates are rich in cocoa butter and often used by high-end cooks.
  • White chocolate – This is chocolate created from sugar, milk, and cocoa butter but without cocoa solids.
  • Cocoa powder – Used for baking or creating drinks (most often with milk). The powder can be sweetened or unsweetened.
  • Compound chocolate – Type of chocolate created using vegetable fat and hydrogenated fats to replace cocoa butter.
  • Raw chocolate – Pure unprocessed chocolate, created with no heating or mixing with other ingredients.
Box Shaped Truffles Chocolate
Box Shaped Truffles Chocolate
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