Negative Effects of Chocolate - Is Chocolate Bad?

Here are some of the negative effects of consuming too much chocolate:

Chocolate and Weight

Excessive chocolate intake can increase your body fat, and destabilize your weight significantly. This happens most often with dark chocolates, which have less sugar and are closer to than natural form than other more sugary or milk-based chocolate types. If you want to avoid fat accumulation in your body, choose to avoid dark chocolates of high cocoa ratio that can give you up to 143 calories per ounce. Recommended dosage is less than 3 ounces (85 grams) per day, and even then, it is desirable for you to find some way of exercise to burn those 400 calories.

Chocolate and Theobromine Poisoning

An overdose reaction of to the alkaloid theobromine that can be found in many food products (tea, cola beverages, berries), but is most commonly found in chocolate. One bean of cocoa contain maximum of 4% of theobromine by weight and much less in processed cocoa.

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Chocolate and Migraines

One of the ingredients of chocolate, tyramine, is associated to the appearance of headache and migraines. This is especially noticeable for the people who are easily susceptible to headaches. If you are one of them, try removing chocolate from your diet for a few days to see if your will feel better.

Chocolate and Kidney Stones

High intake of chocolate is linked to the higher risk of the formation of kidney stones. Chocolate chemicals that are responsible for this effect are called oxalate.

Chocolate and Mild lead Poisoning

Industrial production of chocolate gives it a slight chance of absorbing low levels of lead into its structure. Naturally cocoa has 0.5 ng/g of lead in its beans, but after processing, it can have between 70 and 230 ng/g. However, you don’t need to be much concerned if you are eating moderate amounts of chocolate. Recommended daily dosage of lead into our organism is 200,000 ng.

Chocolate and Caffeine

In addition to coffee, cola soft drinks and tea, chocolate also have caffeine present in its structure. Most can be found in dark chocolate, so avoid it if you are susceptible to problems that this substance can introduce to your body.

Chocolate and Tooth decay

Sugar from chocolate can cause significant tooth decay if you don’t maintain healthy dental hygiene.

Chocolate and Addiction

Because eating of chocolate rises our level of adrenaline and dopamine, studies have shown that chocolate and other sweet products may be addictive to some people.

Chocolate and Allergic reaction

Some children may have allergic reaction to chocolate.

Note: All figures are approximate, this article does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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