Fun and Interesting Facts about Chocolate

  • Chocolate was domesticated in Central America some 3500 years ago. It was used by Mesoamerican cultures of Aztec and Maya as a food and currency.
  • Europeans came in contact with cocoa plant in early 16th century, but the wide adoption of chocolate in Europe happened after almost 200 years.
  • For a long time, chocolate production was very expensive. It became commonplace and used by general population only after Industrial Revolution.
  • Today, around two-thirds of the entire world’s cocoa production is located in West Africa, with almost half coming from Côte d'Ivoire.
  • The biggest bar of chocolate was created in 2000 in Italy, and it weighted 5 thousand pounds!
  • On the first encounter of Europeans with cocoa, Christopher Columbus believed that his bean was used only as a currency.
  • Recipe for chocolate drink was protected as a state secret by Spaniards for over 100 years.
  • Cacao is the bean. Cocoa is the product that is made from it.
  • First Chocolate house opened in England in 1657.
  • Cocoa can be grown only between latitudes 20° North and 20° South of the Equator.
Strawberries with Chocolate
  • Cocoa is very caloric, ranging between 200 and 550 calories for 100g of chocolate.
  • The world chocolate comes from the ancient Aztec word “xocolatl” which means “bitter water”.
  • Chocolate can greatly affect our metabolism, giving us mood lifting agents and antioxidants that relive our body from stress and pollution.
  • Every Russian and American astronaut who spent more than one day in space has eaten chocolate in orbit.
  • Eating dark chocolate in moderate amounts widens arteries and enables easier blood flow.
  • The mere smell of chocolate can increase amount of theta waves in our brain, causing us to relax.
  • Large doses of chocolate can cause head pain.
  • Eating excessive amounts of chocolate can even cause death! First of them was recorded in 17th century Mexico.
  • Americans eat average of 22 pounds of candy each year, evenly split between candy and chocolate. Europeans consume less.
  • Country with most consumed chocolate per capita is not US, but Switzerland, followed by England.
  • Fortunate chocolate accident caused the creation of microwaves. WW2 scientist tested new technology for radar, when one candy melted in the pocket of the scientists Percy Spencer.
  • Around 50-60 million children is working daily on chocolate farm, mostly in conditions that could be only described as slavery.
Strawberries with Chocolate
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