Health Benefits of Chocolate - Is chocolate healthy?

Here are some of the resons why chocolate can be considered healthy:

Energy Boost

High calorie and sugar content of chocolate product can temporarily give energy boost to our metabolism.

Reinforcement of Circulatory System

Cocoa or dark chocolate can positively affect circularity system.

Cognitive Abilities

Intake of chocolate can boost your cognitive abilities, concentration, memory and response. This happens not only because of dopamine and adrenaline that is released in your bloodstream, but also arteries in your brain are expanded, enabling more oxygen to be absorbed by brain.

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Heart and Blood Diseases

Chocolate can widen arteries and enable better flow of blood. This can prevent formation of clots in arteries, heart and brain.


Several studies confirmed that dark chocolate can lower level of blood cholesterol in adults.

Body Mass

Regular intake of chocolate can adjust your metabolism so that you can have lower Body Mass Index.

Anti-Cancer Ability

Chocolate is a source of antioxidants, which are one of the important ingredients in the fight against free radicals that are damaging cells and causing cancer and general aging of our metabolism.

Cough Preventer

Some say that chocolate can help you to prevent coughing.


Chocolate intake can change your mood.

Note: All figures are approximate, this article does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Chocolate Hearts with Red Foil
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